Media Console
z 2006 Barnhouse Products, LLC
My brother, who owns a home electronics business suggested I make stands for the new flatscreen televisions.  I started thinking
about the typical square plywood/particleboard boxes that pass for television stands.  I couldn't do it - I had to make something a
little more rewarding.  This cabinet will nicely support a flatscreen television or books and drinks (coasters, please) in front of your
couch as a coffee table.  It's not a media console yet, as I haven't put any holes through the back.
Table top: 22" x 44"
Height:  20"
plain wood cabinet in these photos is not even glued up!   It's simply held together by friction.  
The wood used in this cabinet is poplar, which has been used in fine furniture for hundreds of years as a
secondary wood (that is, where you can't see it normally, such as framework and drawer sides and for
Windsor chair seats).  It is now farmed locally, upriver from here, and, I think, has an attractive grain.  It
is somewhat harder than pine.  This is what they mean when you see the words "solid hardwood"  on most
of the furniture in catalogs and online, as poplar is technically a hardwood.  I have available water based
dyes to make it look like other woods.  Applying just a clear finish would darken it somewhat.  
Each side opening is 17.25" wide and 13.25" high, with an adjustable shelf on each side to
easily accommodate four pieces of electronics.  Of course, dimensions can be easily modified.
stain but I like how it turned out.