What was a table for Tara became... A Table For Cindy
z 2006 Barnhouse Products, LLC
The table top is about 30" at its widest and about 18" deep.  When the top is mounted it will be 34" tall.  The
corners have sections of a nice wooden bung set into them.  The top has been dyed and several coats of shellac
have been applied.  The next step is to "run it out" so the top is smooth and shiny.  I've tried to reduce the
amount of color on the staves on the top so that they look more like staves instead of just curved wood.  The shelf
on the bottom is made of loose "innerstaves" which are hung loosely in a barrel after it has been used for a few
years to add more oak to the barrel and hence make the barrel more useful.  These innerstaves were a bit thicker
than normally seen.  They are supported by a black rod that pierces them.
Shelf made of thin staves, held by dark steel rods
Shelf made of thin innerstaves, held by dark steel rods