Swivel Bar Stool, the "Walla Walla"
This is a new version of an old product design
that has never before been offered.  The
inner side of the staves are facing out on this
stool which allows for a very cool look.  It
also means that all of the defects that are on
this side of the stave are facing outward too.  
As all of the staves that have no defects on
this face are kept for making the seats, there
will be cracks and bubbles in the wood due to
the contact with the wine.  As with the
wine-side wood on all products, this wood can
be highly textured (but has been processed to
have no sharp edges).  Although it can also
be  somewhat more susceptible to wear than
the non-wine side the stave, we believe wear
adds to the look of our furniture (sand and
re-oil and now you're a part of the journey!).  
This stool has all of the features of the
previous version of the 30 inch swivel stool.  
The stool in this photo was made with
grooved u-staves.  Please contact us
regarding this unique material.
Bar Stool
Bar Height Table