Bar Stool
This wine barrel stave bar stool is thirty inches
high, four legs with nylon glides to protect your
floors and a thick steel footrest.  The seat
(mortise and tenoned onto the legs) is made of
staves that have been trimmed and edge-glued,
the colors as varied as the wines - each is
one-of-a-kind.  The size of this stool is basically
the same as the swivel bar stool.  Other
standard heights are also available for counters
and tables.  Ask about custom heights.
Swivel Bar Stool
Bar Height Table
Seats are made from barrel
staves!  Of course, each seat is
absolutely unique.
z 2006 Barnhouse Products, LLC
The (unfinished) seats shown below are made from barrel heads.   They
are glued up and then comfortably contoured.