About Barnhouse Products
Challenging times in my electronics manufacturing days would
sometimes cause me to joke with my co-workers: "Why am I doing this
for a living?  Sometimes I just want to go be a woodworker!"

After years of enjoying the shows of Roy Underhill and Norm Abram
(The Woodwright's Shop and The New Yankee Workshop et. al. ) I found
a desire to be creative in another medium - wood.  

Working from home has it's rewards.  Sometimes it's wild lupine and
arrow-leaf balsam root seen (and smelled!) from the shop - or deer (no
smell).  Sometimes it's a short break to tube down a snowy run or
checking out the snowpack on Mount Hood.  But daily it's lunch with the
family and a report on the homeschool progress.

I invite you to continue to visit this site for new designs (so many ideas,
so little time) and, at some point, works by other artists.

Mark Russell Lutz
Barnhouse Products, LLC
5544 Cherry Heights Road
The Dalles, Oregon 97058