Wine Barrel Furniture -Wood Too Good for Planters!
...into treasures for your home or establishment!
Recycling winebarrels...
The quarter-sawn, white oak barrels are thoughtfully chosen, dismantled with
anticipation and dried. The staves and heads are machined and finished, but not to
the point that the cooperage and winery artifacts are destroyed!  Sometimes
handwriting can still be found on the wood.
Staves, heads and bands are fashioned into objects reminiscent of the original barrel,
perhaps something requiring just slightly more imagination or a quantum leap of
faith.  Fine joinery techniques and weatherproof/waterproof glues are used.  Colors on
the barrel wood are only due to the natural staining of the wines.  Hand-rubbed tung
oil is currently the preferred finish (outdoor finishes are available).  All works are
signed and dated.
Wine barrel creations, handcrafted for your home or establishment, minimally
processed to retain the memory of the winery.  The hand-rubbed tung oil finish can
be sanded and re-oiled - and now you're a part of the journey.
Do not store in direct sunlight to preserve natural wine stain.  Contact us regarding finishes for outdoor use.  
Materials and workmanship guaranteed for one year from time of purchase.
Mark Russell Lutz Designs, brought to you by Barnhouse Products, LLC.
Barnhouse Products, LLC., 511 E 10th Street, The Dalles, Oregon 97058
All designs are subject to improvements without notice.
(c) 2006-2013 Barnhouse Products, LLC
About Barnhouse Products
I personally hand craft furniture from the staves, heads and bands of reclaimed wine barrels - sturdy and tastefully designed,
including bar stools, swivel stools, kitchen counter and  table height stools, bar height tables, wine tasting tables, bistro, coffee
and end tables.  These are not your typical wine accessories!

18th Century Style
Barrel Head
Tilt-Top Tea Table!

This table is made
entirely of barrel
head wood.
Let's face it, the furniture you see in stores is mostly
hideous caricatures of historic furniture imported and
assembled with methods our forebears would abhor.  The
slender, well formed cabriole leg (Queen Anne,
Chippendale) has been replaced with a chunky,
overly-carved stump.  Designers think that ham-handed
distressing is what the public wants.  In the early part of
the 20th century, the joining of wood with dowels was
frowned upon by makers of quality furniture.  Now, we
consider furniture made with dowels to be quality stuff.  
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A notice to my customers
I have taken a position with a local defense contractor and although I will continue to produce wine barrel stave furniture it will
not be at my previous rate.  If you aren't in a hurry, please contact me and we can discuss your requirements.  Working from home
was nice, but it's nice to be working in a team again - especially with the people I'm working with, and where I'll be utilizing many
of my skills manufacturing such interesting products!  
Traditionally styled furniture your children
will want to inherit!
I will be taking a break from furniture making probably until summer of 2017.  If you would like to place an order
I will put you on my list.